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This database collates information on the hematopoietic phenotypes of knock-out mice as collected from the scientific literature. Entries have been curated by members of the Goodell Lab. For the most part, we have only included genes whose role in hematopoiesis has been tested by transplantation of bone marrow or stem cells from knockout mice into recipients. We encourage you to add your favorite genes and phenotypes into the database.

Rossi L, Lin KK, Boles, NC, Yang, L, King, KY, Jeong, M, Mayle, A, and MA Goodell (2012) Less is more: unveiling the functional core of hematopoietic stem cells through knockout mice. Cell Stem Cell.

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A Pre-transplantation defect H Apparently normal
B Altered FL hemo I Increased engraftment
C Transplantation assays performed J Change in phenotypic HSC number
D Severe in vivo defect K Change in cell cycle activity
E Moderate in vivo defect L Criteria used for HSC phenotype definition
F Mild in vivo defect M Cell extrinsic effect
G Defect but only after second or third txt N Cancer
NC No change ND Not done



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Adar1Adenosine deaminase; transcript editingcKO (Mx1 and Tam)YESYESYES-+KSL 150+ CD48-Hyper IFN signaling; increased apoptosis; FL HSC lost19060901
AHRbHLH TFKOYESYES++KSLIncreased number of LSK; Pre-txt: Splenomegal and increased myeloid B-cells20874460
Akt1PTKKOYESYES-KSL 150+CD48-HSC number down in young mice, normal in older mice; Smaller body size when young20354168
Akt1 and Akt2PTKdKOYESYESYES+-FL HSC: LSK CD150+ CD48-Studied FL; Increased HSC quiescence; but poor repopulation activity. Double KO (dKO):Perinatal lethal; lower ROS in LSK of FL transplants; increased FL HSC frequency, but fewer FL LTCIC colonies20354168
Als2GEF for Rab5KO+KSL CD34-Older mice increased in HSC number17156857
Arhgap1GAPKOYESYESYESYES+-FL KLSIncreased apoptotic FL HSCs (Lin-Kit+); decreased overall fetal liver cellularity; lower BM cellularity (3-day-old); Decreased FL KLS number and frequency;Pre-txt: 93% of pups died within one week; anemia16174757
Atg7autophagycKO (Vav-Cre)YESYESYESYES-KSL CD150+CD48-Atypical Myeloproliferation; non competitive transplants died; Pre-txt: Progressive anemia, splenomegaly, lympadenopathy, death at 12 wks; Diminished FL reconstitution capability, not as severe as in adult21339326
AtmDNA damage checkpointKOYESYES+KSL- CD34- & KLS Thy1lo & KLS Tie2Increased intracellular ROS in the KO; NAC rescue the KLS engraftment defect15496926
Bmi1Polycomb complexKOYESYES-KSL Thy1loDefective engraftment; but normal frequency of FL HSC12714971
Bmi1Polycomb complexKOND-KSL CD34-Decreased HSC function; defective self renewal and increased differentiation; decreased growth in HPP-CFC in vitro assay15589172
c-MycTFcKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES++KSLIncrease in phenotypic HSCs; Pre-txt: Reduced myeloid and lymphoid lineages in PB, lifespan 2-3mo17637497
c-MycTFcKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES+NCKSL Flk2-Increased phenotypic HSC (KLS Flk2-) cells that are inhibited in differentiation capacity; Pre-txt: >30x decr in all lineages15545632
c-Myc/N-myc dKOTFcKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES++KSL CD150Decr BM cellularity > 90%; incr apoptosis; Pre-txt: Severe pancytopenia; death 12d post deletion19041778
Camk4PTKKOYESYES-+KSLDecreased progenitor number due to increased apoptosis, increased short term engraftment with decreased long term engraftment and no secondary engraftment16020540
CblE3 ubiquitin ligaseKOYESYES+KSL CD34- Flk2- CD150+YESIncreased HSC number and repopulating ability; increased proliferation in vitro, sustained ex vivo expansion; Myeloproliferative disease- see PMID 2095194418413713
Cbl and Cbl-bE3 ubiquitin ligaseCbl-b KO Cbl cKO (MMTV-Cre)YESYESYES+KSLYEShepatosplenomegaly; increased colonies in vitro; phenocopies some aspects of human myeloid malignancies; MPD-like myeloid leukemia; pre-txt: Extramedullary hematopoiesis in spleen, myeloid foci in liver20805496
Cbx2Chromobox polycomb-likeKOYESYESOverexpression supressed in vitro colony formation15589172
CD34cell surfaceKOYESYESYESDecreased ability to form colonies from BM; Defective myelo-differentiation from EB; decreased CFU-C in yolk sac culture; FL colony-forming assay decreased CFU-GM and BFU-E8555469
CD48GPI linked surface protein; SLAM familyKOYESYES-SP-KSLYESYESIncreased HSC quiescence likely due to lower IFN signaling in KO; dysregulated cytokine signaling ; Pak1 hyperactivation; lymphomas21576698
CD81cell surfaceKOYESYESNC+SP-KSL & KSL CD150+CD48-CD81 cluster induced quiescence (returning from proliferation); Perifosine (AKT inhibitor) rescued engraftment defect; Severe defect after 2ndry txt21931533
Cdc42Rho GTPasecKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES+KSLYESIncreased LSK, GMP in BM and decreased CMP and MEP inBM; expansion of myeloid cells; defective erythropoiesis; recipients died 8 weeks post txt; Myeloproliferative disorder; mice died ~21 days after induced deletion17702896
Cdc42GAPGAPKOYESYESYESLeads to a gain in Cdc42 activity; Anemic and low BM cellularity after deletion16174757