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This database collates information on the hematopoietic phenotypes of knock-out mice as collected from the scientific literature. Entries have been curated by members of the Goodell Lab. For the most part, we have only included genes whose role in hematopoiesis has been tested by transplantation of bone marrow or stem cells from knockout mice into recipients. We encourage you to add your favorite genes and phenotypes into the database.

Rossi L, Lin KK, Boles, NC, Yang, L, King, KY, Jeong, M, Mayle, A, and MA Goodell (2012) Less is more: unveiling the functional core of hematopoietic stem cells through knockout mice. Cell Stem Cell.

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A Pre-transplantation defect H Apparently normal
B Altered FL hemo I Increased engraftment
C Transplantation assays performed J Change in phenotypic HSC number
D Severe in vivo defect K Change in cell cycle activity
E Moderate in vivo defect L Criteria used for HSC phenotype definition
F Mild in vivo defect M Cell extrinsic effect
G Defect but only after second or third txt N Cancer
NC No change ND Not done


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Dnmt1DNA methyltransferasecKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESHSCs have reduced capacity for lymphoid differentiation19801979
Dnmt3aDNA methyltransferaseYESYES+-SP-KSL & KSL CD150+ & KSL CD34-Flk2-Reduced capacity for differentiation, enhanced self-renewal22138693
E47TFKOYESYES++KSL Flk2-Progressive loss of HSC self-renewal. Increased proliferation21273306
Egr1TFKOYESYESYES++KSL CD34-Increased engraftment in competitive limiting dilution assay with lower number of BM cells. Increased circulating KSL-Flk2- and KSL-CD34-;defect after tertiary txt18397757
Elf4TFKOYESYESYES+-KSL CD34- FLK2- & SP-KSLIncreased HSC pool; increased engraftment even after 2ndary transplant; CAFC assay LTC-IC showed more HSCs; Pre txt: Decreased MPP16530702
ErgTFErg (+/Mld2)YESYESYESYES-NCKSL CD150+ & KSL CD34 Flk2-YESMld2: an ENU point mutation of Erg. Mld2 has DNA binding but lacks transactivation activity. Mld2/Mld2 were embryonic lethal by E13.5, with defective definitive hematopoiesis at E10.5 ; Pre txt: Thrombocytopenia and mild leukopenia18500345
ErgTFErg (+/Mld2)YESYESStress-related phenotype and test: Erg(+/Mld2) HSC is not affected by aging, but transplantation; ST-HSC (KSL CD34+flk3-) activity found normal measured by CFU-S; Also 2ndary transplantation defect21673349
Erg/MplTFMpl-/- Erg (+/Mld2)YESNDMpl KO x Erg ENU point mutation; decreased KSL number; synergistic defect of hematopoiesis between Mpl and Erg; Pre Txt: Drastically decreased erythrocyte and platelet18500345
Erg/MplTFMpl-/- Erg (+/Mld2)YESYESYES-KSLFailed to radioprotect recipients; Pre txt: Anemic and death started 115 days after birth21673349
EwsRNA binding proteinKOYESYES-+KSL CD150+CD48- & KSL CD34-Loss of HSC quiescene; promotes early onset of senescence in hematopoietic progenitors, induction of p16INK4a, reduction of Ezh2, impaired DNA repair21030557
FADDadaptor moleculecKO (Mx1Cre)YESYES-KSLIn vitro colonies decreased, splenic CFU decreased, decreased in vitro macrophage production21115735
Fbxw7E3 ubiquitin ligasecKO (Mx1Cre)YESYES-+KSLDecreased progenitor numbers18474632
Fbxw7E3 ubiquitin ligasecKO (Mx1Cre)YESYES-+KSL18367647
FesPTKKOYESNDNot essential for production of erythrocytes, lymphocytes, granulocytes, or monocytes from EBs; Pre txt: 'Increased monocytes, neutrophils; hypocellular BM and thymus11021537
FesPTKKinase point mutationYESNDNo change in CFU; Pre txt: Slightly enlarged spleens10523632
Flt3growth factorKONDReduced progenitors, including CFU-GM, CFU-B, CFU-S. Reduced leukocyte cellularity; Reduced DC, NK cells10828034
FoxO1/FoxO3/FoxO4TFTriple cKO (Mx1Cre)YESYES-+KSL Flk2-Decreased ST-HSC percentage; increased apoptotic KSL and myeloid progenitors; increase ROS in HSC (KSL)17254970
FOXO3aTFKOYESYESNC+KSLWhen WBM was transplanted, defect only seen after serial transplantation; KSL also transplanted18371339
Foxp3TFKOYESYESYES-+KSL Flk2- CD150+CD48- CD34-Mutation leads to hyper mTOR signaling; Pre-txt: Progressive BM hypocellularity20972332
Gab2Receptor adaptor moleculeKOYESYESNCKSLReduced myeloid colony formation17374739
GabpaTFcKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYESMajor impact on myeloid cell and My progenitors. HSCs not examined. Control partly via Gfi1; Pre txt: Reduction in myeloid cells in marrow21705494
Gata2TFHet KOYESYESYES--KSLDecreased HSC number due to increased apoptosis; increased CAFC number; Pre txt: Reduced HSC number in heterozygous mice15811962