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This database collates information on the hematopoietic phenotypes of knock-out mice as collected from the scientific literature. Entries have been curated by members of the Goodell Lab. For the most part, we have only included genes whose role in hematopoiesis has been tested by transplantation of bone marrow or stem cells from knockout mice into recipients. We encourage you to add your favorite genes and phenotypes into the database.

Rossi L, Lin KK, Boles, NC, Yang, L, King, KY, Jeong, M, Mayle, A, and MA Goodell (2012) Less is more: unveiling the functional core of hematopoietic stem cells through knockout mice. Cell Stem Cell.

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A Pre-transplantation defect H Apparently normal
B Altered FL hemo I Increased engraftment
C Transplantation assays performed J Change in phenotypic HSC number
D Severe in vivo defect K Change in cell cycle activity
E Moderate in vivo defect L Criteria used for HSC phenotype definition
F Mild in vivo defect M Cell extrinsic effect
G Defect but only after second or third txt N Cancer
NC No change ND Not done


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Gata2TFHet KOYESYESYESReduced CFU-S11 from YS and AGM explants, and reduced engraftment in transplant; delayed HSC expansion after 5-FU treatment; hets show txt defect ; FL: Slight reduction in FL engraftment15466621
Gata3TFcKO (Vav-Cre)YESYESNCKSL CD150+ CD48-Normal HSC; No T-cell contribution from cKO21670475
Gfi1TFKOYESYESYES++KSL Flk2-In transplants: pancytopenic in the 1st recipients, and succumb to infection, owing to absence of granulocytes and presnce of immature myeloid; in adult chimera experiments: Gfi1-/- HSCs cannot sustain competition with WT HSCs in 2month old chimera mice15457180
Gfi1/Gfi1bTFdouble cKO (Mx1Cre)YESND-KSL CD150+ CD48-The inter-regulation between Gfi1 and Gfi1b: Gfi1 expression is up in gfi1b-/- HSC. Surviving HSC are Gfi1-/-, Gfi1b+/- cells in both blood and bone marrow; Pre-txt: HSC numbers drop after induction of deletion20826720
Gfi1bTFcKO (Mx1Cre)YESYES++KSL CD150+ CD48-YESThe increased engraftment of WBM transplant may reflect the higher HSC frequency in KO BM; Replating assay used to measure HSC self-renewal; increased ROS in HSCs; no difference in BM cellularity; increased HSC apoptotic frequency20826720
GhrhrGrowth hormone receptorPoint MutantYESYESNormal HSC15963853
Gja1Gap junction proteincKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESBlood cell formation is severely impaired after 5FU treatment, short term reduction of BM KSL after 5FU; increase in progenitor pool16531325
Gjb1 (Cx32)Gap junction membrane channel proteinKOYESND+-KSLIncreased HSC pool measured by phenotype; Pre txt: Decreased # of peripheral mononuclear cells, platelets and progenitors17629738
Gli1TFKOYESYES+-KSL CD34-Increased HSC pool20107231
Hempmbt-domain polycombKOYESYESYESYES--FL KSL CD150+ & KSL EPCR+reduced CFU-C; Pre txt: Die perinatally; FL: Reduced FL HSC21252303
Hif1alphaTFcKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES+Significantly increased engraftment after 1ry txt, and almost total loss after 2ry. Increased cycling, supported by 5FU sensitivity. Phenotype ormalized after cross to Vhl KO. Aging also examined.20804974
Hmgb3TFKOYESYESYESNCNCKSL IL7Ra-Decreased short-term progenitors with normal HSC numbers; increased expression of GATA2 and c-Myb in HSC; Pre txt: Erythrocythemic--> 10% more RBC15358624
HoxA7TFKOYESNDHoxa7 KO cells-transformed with MLL-GAS have prolonged latency of AML in recipient mice; Pre txt: Reticulocytosis and thrombocytopenia, but not anemic; reduced MEP15070702
Hoxa9TFKOYESYESYESFL: Defective engraftment of Hoxa9-/- FL HSCs17761289
Hoxa9TFKOYESNDMLL-GAS-transformed KO cells died of AML; Pre txt: Reduced CMP, CLP, GMP, and developed lymphopenia15070702
Hoxa9TFKOYESNDDecreased mature B cells; Pre txt: Reduced granulocytes, B and T lymphocytes in CBC; small spleen and thymuses9058712
Hoxa9TFKOYESYESNC-KSL Flk2-Sublethal KO has persistant pancytopenia16091451
hoxa9/hoxb3/hoxb4TFTriple KOYESYESYESYES+KSL 150+, KSL CD34-Increased HSC pool with decreased differentiation potential; decreased repopulation ability; Pre txt: Reduction in spleen size and spleen cellularity; FL: Defective engraftment of triple KO HSC17761289
Hoxb4TFKOYESYESYESYESNCKSL CD34-Decreased short-term repopulating ability and decreased proliferative potential. Slightly reduced CFU-E and BFU-E, reduced proliferative response of KSL, higher tolerance to 5FU; Pre-txt: Reduced cellularity in BM and spleen, reduced RBC in PB; FL: LSK marginally reduced and mild reduction in engraftment14962901
Id1TFKOYESYES++KSL CD34-YESDisrupted differentiation caused by niche environment. Decreased BM cellularity; altered cytokine and chemokine production in vitro and in vivo. Observe an increased moblization of myeloid cells into the PB; Pre txt: PB: decreased lymphocytes and platelets, increased granulocytes and monocytes; BM: decreased cellularity and increased HS19478045
IfnarCytokine receptorKOYESYESYESNCKL CD150+ CD48-Proliferation defect in response to IFNa- induced stress19212321