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This database collates information on the hematopoietic phenotypes of knock-out mice as collected from the scientific literature. Entries have been curated by members of the Goodell Lab. For the most part, we have only included genes whose role in hematopoiesis has been tested by transplantation of bone marrow or stem cells from knockout mice into recipients. We encourage you to add your favorite genes and phenotypes into the database.

Rossi L, Lin KK, Boles, NC, Yang, L, King, KY, Jeong, M, Mayle, A, and MA Goodell (2012) Less is more: unveiling the functional core of hematopoietic stem cells through knockout mice. Cell Stem Cell.

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A Pre-transplantation defect H Apparently normal
B Altered FL hemo I Increased engraftment
C Transplantation assays performed J Change in phenotypic HSC number
D Severe in vivo defect K Change in cell cycle activity
E Moderate in vivo defect L Criteria used for HSC phenotype definition
F Mild in vivo defect M Cell extrinsic effect
G Defect but only after second or third txt N Cancer
NC No change ND Not done


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Igfbp2secreted proteinKOYESYES--KSL CD34- Flk2-YESNon-cell autonomous defect in primary and secondary KO recipients; KSL cells showed increased apoptosis21821709
Igsf5cell adhesion moleculeKONDNCKSL CD34-Normal HSC16982697
IL10anti-inflammatory cytokineKOYESYESYESSP-KSLDecreased repopulating ability; IL10 expressed in endosteal osteoblasts after 5FU treatment; culturing HSCs with IL10 prior to transplant led to improved engraftment; Pre-txt: BM slightly hypocellular17464085
Il2cytokineKOYESYESYES+KSL CD34-Increased HSC number and decreased repopulating ability; Pre txt: Pancytopenia12590705
Inpp5d (SHIP)Cell surface receptorKOYESYESYES++KSL Thy1-lo & KLS CD150+ CD48- & SP (higher KSL)Increased HSC number and decreased repopulating ability. KO cells home less efficiently and have lower expression of CXCR4 and VCAM-1 and lower rate of spontaneous apoptosis; Pre txt: Increased % and absolute spleen KSL16467196
Irf2TFKOYESYESYES-+SP-KSL & KSL CD150+CD41-CD48-Decreased HSC pool, repopulating ability, and increased prolifereation; Pre txt: Defects in lymphopoiesis and erythropoiesis19483695
IrgmGTPaseKOYESYES-+SP-KSLHyper interferon signalling; severely decreased repopulating ability of HSC; increased proliferation18371424
ItchE3 ubiquitin ligaseKOYESYES++KSL CD150+CD48-Itch involved in negative regulation of Notch signaling21478879
Itga4Cell adhesioncKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESKSL, CD150+ CD48-Decreased repopulating ability16357327
Jam2 (Jam-B)Junctional Adhesion molecule in Ig superfamilyKONDNCKSL CD34-Normal HSC16914739
Jam2 (Jam-B)Junctional Adhesion molecule in Ig superfamilyKOYESYESYES+YESJam-B expressed by stromal cells has heterotypic interactions with Jam-C on hematopoietic cells; Mobilization assay found 2x as many granulocytes in KO circulation; Reduced survival in repeated 5-FU exhaustion assay; 3X CFU-c in KO PB; Pre txt: Increase in BM cellularity, increase in frequency of progenitors21868569
Kitreceptor tyrosine kinaseW/Wv mutantYESNDReduced progenitor cells and erythroblasts, impaired response to SCF,1744174
Kitreceptor tyrosine kinaseW/Wv mutantYESNDYESCan serve as transplant recipient with little or no irradiation10560913
KitlcytokineSLd MutantYESReduced homing14662336
lig4DNA ligasePoint MutantYESYES-+FL KSL CD34-Flk2-Proliferative exhaustion during aging; KSL decrease; MPP decreased more than HSC17554302
Lkb1serine/threonine kinase,cKO (Rosa-creERt2)YESYESYES-KSL CD34?Flk2-Lkb1 maintains HSC quiescence and survival; Severe pancytopenia and subsequent lethality21124456
Lkb1serine/threonine kinasecKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES-+KSL CD150+ CD48?Rapid decrease in bone marrow cellularity and 93% died within 30?days after deletion; mechanisms involve mitochondrial defects, alterations in lipid and nucleotide metabolism; Pancytopenia, decline in all blood lineages21124451
Lkb1serine/threonine kinase,cKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES-KSL CD150+ CD48-CD41?HSCs profoundly depleted by 18?days after deletion21124450
Lnk (Sh2b3)intracellular adaptor proteinKOYESYESYES+KSLIncreased HSC; KO progenitors produced B, T, and myeloid lineages more efficiently than WT in comp. repopulation assay; CFU-S d12 in KO BM significantly increased in # and size compared to WT BM; double mutant with cKit abrogated phenotype; Pre txt: Increased number of progenitors in BM11805142
Lyl1/SCl doublebHLH TFKO and cKO (Mx1Cre)YESYES-+SP-KSLHigh apoptosis and rapid loss of all HSC and progeny19200805