HSC phenotype database

This database collates information on the hematopoietic phenotypes of knock-out mice as collected from the scientific literature. Entries have been curated by members of the Goodell Lab. For the most part, we have only included genes whose role in hematopoiesis has been tested by transplantation of bone marrow or stem cells from knockout mice into recipients. We encourage you to add your favorite genes and phenotypes into the database.

Rossi L, Lin KK, Boles, NC, Yang, L, King, KY, Jeong, M, Mayle, A, and MA Goodell (2012) Less is more: unveiling the functional core of hematopoietic stem cells through knockout mice. Cell Stem Cell.

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A Pre-transplantation defect H Apparently normal
B Altered FL hemo I Increased engraftment
C Transplantation assays performed J Change in phenotypic HSC number
D Severe in vivo defect K Change in cell cycle activity
E Moderate in vivo defect L Criteria used for HSC phenotype definition
F Mild in vivo defect M Cell extrinsic effect
G Defect but only after second or third txt N Cancer
NC No change ND Not done


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Trp53TFKOYESYES+KSL CD34-20-50% incr after competitive txt. Increased HSC number and repopulating ability12829028
Trp53TFKOYESYES-+KSL CD34- & KSL-SP & LSK CD150+ CD48-YES2x incrrease in engraftment after competitive txt of 1000 LSK. WBM 5x incr CAFC; LSK 5x incr LTC-IC; decreased apoptosis of KSL after 6.5Gy radiation; normal H2AX foci after 2Gy; Lymphoma after BMT19128791
Trp53TFHypermorphYESYES--SP Sca1Decreased HSC number in old mice17032926
Tsta3 (FX)Fucose synthaseKOYESYES-+KSLYESDecreased self-renewal and increased HSC proliferation; HSC localized farther from the endosteum of the calvarium marrow; myeloproliferation20573072
TxnipTranscription regulatorKOYESYES-+KSL CD34-Flk2- & CD150+ CD48-Decreased repopulating ability and decreased progenitor pool with age19625652
Ugt8aGlycosyltransferaseKONDKSLMobilization Is Severely Impaired16439213
VhlE3 ubiquitin ligaseKOYESYES+-KSL CD34- Flk2-Het shows partial phenotype; Cross KO with Hif1a KO normalized transplant activity20804974
Wnt3aWnt ligandKOYESYES-NCFL KSL Flk2-Reduction in emryonic HSC and decreased serial repopulating ability; diminished KSL in the 2ndary recipients; FL txt18832654
Zfp36RNA binding proteinKOYESYESYESNCKSL CD34-Flk2-, CD150+CD48-YESReactive granulopoiesis; increased ST HSC and MPP; little impact on HSC; WT BM transplanted into KO recapituated phenotype; Pre txt: Granulocyte hyperplasia21270394
Zfp36l2RNA-binding proteinKOYESYESYES-FL KSLDecreased repopulating ability and decreased progenitor pool; FL txt19633199
ZfxTFcKO (Mx1Cre)YESYESYES-KSL Flt3-Decreased HSC pool, impaired differentiation into lymphocytes; upregulation of genes that are induced by stress, inflammation and growth factors; Pre txt: Loss of HSC in BM and depletion of lymphocytes in the PB17448993